Prepare to Powerlift

A 4-week beginners course to kick-start your powerlifting journey

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Next intake: Monday May 10

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Prepare to Powerlift

At Burley Strength we believe powerlifting is one of the most accessible sports in the world. If you've ever wrapped your hands around a barbell then powerlifting is for you. We've been involved in the growth of the sport in the ACT since 2014 and in that time we've seen hundreds of lifters hit the competition platform for the first time. After watching so many of these lifters failing to achieve their potential we created Prepare to Powerlift to bridge the gap between the average gym user and the competitive platform.

Is this course right for me?

This course is aimed at anyone who's had some experience with barbell training and is currently injury free. The information provided throughout the course assumes no prior knowledge however the focus on the competition platform means it's best for those who're interested in pursuing the sport of powerlifting. If you're interested in stepping foot in a gym for the first time check out our Strong Start course.

What can I expect?

This course is run in a small group environment (4-6 lifters : 1 coach) and combines in-person coaching with pre-recorded digital content. Over 4 weeks you'll get a total of 12 group coaching session (3/week) and 6 digital lectures. The coaching sessions will focus on refining the technical skills involved in lifting heavy while the lectures will cover the theoretical knowledge you need to get the most out of your training.

Am I ready to compete?

Yes. The sooner you get the first competition out of the way the better. This course is designed to prepare you for your first competition experience and we'll cover everything you need to know to enjoy your first time on the platform. You'll learn all the rules and regulations as well as ensuring your lifts meet the technical requirements to pass on the platform.

Course Details

Group coaching sessions run Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 6-7:30pm. The course costs $429 per person. Payment plans can be arranged upon request (subject to terms & conditions).

Course Outline

Registration for Prepare to Powerlift includes:

  • 3x 90min group coaching sessions per week
  • 6x pre-recorded lectures covering the basics of training theory
  • Entry to the next novice powerlifting competition at Burley Strength
  • Competition day coaching
  • Unlimited business hours access to train at Burley Strength
  • A comprehensive training plan covering optional extra sessions
  • A customised 12-week training plan to follow at the conclusion of the course
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Cost: $449

Next intake: Monday May 10

John is a great coach who has extensive knowledge in power lifting and explains his material in a way that is easy to understand. He was able to help us all through our technique and show and tell us ways we could lift more efficiently. He showed us warm ups we could use before performing the lifts which I found valuable. He went through rules and queues for each lift. He also answered any question I had. I would definitely go to another course at Burley.


I would recommend Burley to anyone who wants to get stronger in any aspect of their life and to anyone who doubts that they have the ability to do that. It’s such a supportive community and there’s no-one in the gym who doesn’t have someone there to chat to or help out. It doesn’t matter how much you lift, people are going to care about you and be there for you. If you want to get strong Burley is the place to do it.

Mary Q.
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Cost: $449

Next intake: Monday May 10