Powerlifting and strength training can be one of the most frustrating pursuits. Sometimes you’ll struggle for months or years to make a very small gain on you’re max. That concept is hard for people to wrap their head around.

The number you’ve got loaded on the bar is not the most important part of training, it’s merely the result of a process. If you’re too caught up in the result and don’t enjoy the process you’re probably not going to last very long. You’ll stop making progress, get frustrated and quit.

You need to find a love for the training process. Stop focussing on the short term result and enjoy the little things in training.

Learn to enjoy spending time with quality people (if you’re in a gym that doesn’t have quality people you should go elsewhere).

Learn to enjoy that moment of clarity before you get under the bar. Those precious seconds where nothing else matters

Learn to enjoy the feeling of the bar on your back or in your hands.

Learn to enjoy that point in the set where it feels like you might just die.

Life’s too short to always focus on where you’re going. Take a moment and learn to love the process of bettering yourself.

Until next time,

Stay Strong


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