When you step foot in a gym for the first time someone’s likely to ask you what your goals are. It’s a pretty straightforward question and a great way to establish which path in the labyrinth of physical training is best for you. Here’s where I think most people get hung up.

You see to be truly successful in training (regardless of your chosen field) you need to be process orientated. The vast majority of people come into the gym for the first time with only the outcome in mind. Whether that outcome is more weight on the bar or less weight on the scales doesn’t matter. People want results. All they care about is those washboard abs or fitting into that wedding dress. These goals are great for the short term however I want to know what happens when you hit that number on the scales? What happens when you fit into the dress? Sure you’ll look great walking down the isle but what’s next? Do you just stop training?

This is where a process orientated training approach becomes superior.

See in the long term goals come and go. At one point in my powerlifting career it took me a little over 2 years to add 2.5% (10kg) to my squat. That was a frustrating time in training and something I’m not in a hurry to do again however the thing that kept me going through that time wasn’t the goal. As clichéd as it is the destination didn’t matter, the journey was the fun part. The reason I kept turning up to training each day wasn’t the number. It was because I love the training process.

I’ve been lifting weights for nearly 15 years in some capacity or another. I’ve been competing in powerlifting since 2010. During that time my goals have changed numerous times. When I first started lifting all I wanted was a 455kg (1003lb) equipped squat. I got close (my best equipped squat is 410kg) but I’m yet to be successful with 455kg. That hasn’t stopped me training however my training looks a lot different now then it did in 2015 when I was training for a big squat.

The key is I’m still training. 

Sure your motivation to train will have peaks and troughs along the way. That’s perfectly normal and an unavoidable part of life. The thing that really matters is that you stick to it.

Learn to love the process.

The real joy of training comes in the every day grind. It’s about those little changes you can make day to day, week to week that will help you keep pushing forward. That’s where the magic happens. You can have the best training program in the world written for you but if you only follow it for 6 weeks and then stop it won’t matter. You’ll be going backwards.

Find fun in the mundane parts of training.

Enjoy the challenge of pushing through those days where everything in your head says stop.

Surround yourself with people that make you happy.

Find a community that supports you in your training.

Above all else…

Learn to love the process because in the end…

Your results don’t matter.

Until next time,
Stay strong.


John Sheridan
John Sheridan

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