If you want to be strong squat moderately heavy once a week for the next decade.

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Strength is pretty simple.

Seems too good to be true but really It’s just a combination of hard work and time. You don’t need the perfect program, you don’t need all the latest gadgets or equipment.

You just need to consistently work hard over a long period of time.

‘If it’s so simple why isn’t everyone strong?’ I hear you ask.

Simple isn’t sexy.

Everyone want’s results now. Everywhere you look there’s a new self-proclaimed ‘expert’ hocking the latest in fitness and wellness technology for the new year. Did they tell you it’s guaranteed to shred 400% of your body fat in 8.3 seconds while you lay perfectly still and exert no effort or your money back?

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. If it worked how they claimed it did you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Here are 3 simple steps you can take action on now to ensure you’re on the path to strength in 2018.


1) Quality over quantity

If you’re going to do something it’s worth doing right.

Focus on developing your technique before you worry about weight, reps and sets.

Too often people neglect the skill component of strength training. If you ingrain good habits from the start you’re less likely to get hurt and you’re far more likely to lift big weights for a long time.


2) Movements not muscles

Stop training like you’re going to be the second coming of Arnold.

It’s 2018. Fuck ‘leg day’.

Squat, press, pull, hinge, carry.

Focus on improving your strength and technique in those 5 movement patterns (there are others to consider but these cover the basics) and you’ll be well on your way to strength.


3) Hire a coach

What if I told you that it’s possible to learn from decades of mistakes, bad choices and injuries without lifting a finger?

That’s what a good coach does.

A good coach is more than sets and reps on a page. The best coaches can take advanced concepts and distil them down to simple cues that speed up the learning process.

A high-quality coach is an investment in your future. It’s the best money you can spend on your training. Skip the supplements the guy at the local supp store told you were ‘essential’ and invest that money in your education. You won’t regret it.


If you’re serious about strength in 2018 get in touch – john@burleystrength.com

Until next time, stay strong.


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John Sheridan

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