Yesterday I was talking to one of my business partners about a guy name David Maister. I’d never heard of him before but was soon to discover that, despite the fact he’s a writer that specialises in professional services development and that he’s probably never lifted a weight in his life, he’s got some incredible insights into the types of people you find in gyms and the results they get.

David has a theory that there are 3 types of people in business: Dynamos, Cruisers and Losers. After a bit of a discussion about the foundations of his theory I realised that it was the perfect analogy for the different mindsets that manifest in the people that train at Burley and every other gym I’ve ever been to.

The breakdown is pretty simple. To borrow David’s words:

Dynamos are always working to learn something new, and continually adding to their skills and knowledge.

Dynamos are not necessarily the most genetically gifted or the most talented. The thing that separates a Dynamo from the rest of the pack is their work ethic and a strong desire to be always improving.

Dynamos aren’t satisfied with mediocre results and a basic understanding of the training process.

Dynamos strive to be the best while learning everything they can about training theory.

They are the ones that spend their lunch breaks at work reading and watching videos on all things training related.

They are the ones that are in the gym at the same time every day no matter what the circumstance.

Not everyone is cut out to be a Dynamo and not all Dynamos stay in that state forever. We all go through phases and that’s ok.

The opposite end of the spectrum is Losers. These are the people that, when the results come easy they are always around but, as soon as the training gets hard and the chips are down, they disappear. These are often the people that complain about their lack of progress while spending their extended rest times browsing Facebook.

Now there’s a third category right in the middle between Dynamos and Losers – the Cruisers.

These people are, by definition, not Losers.

They come in regularly, they get the work done and they leave.

There’s nothing wrong with being a Cruiser. Everyone goes through that point eventually.

Maybe training isn’t as fun anymore, maybe you’re just getting it done because you feel you have to.

That’s ok. I’m not judging your value as a person based upon it.

Here’s the thing though…


You better fucking own it.


Self awareness is a powerful tool. If you can objectively look at where you are in your training and where you fall on the scale of Dynamo to Loser then you’re going to be able to get more out of your time in the gym. To borrow again from David:

The difference between Dynamos and Cruisers is rarely one of ability.


Its a choice.


A fucking line in the sand.


How badly do you want it?

In the end all it takes is a desire to be better and the discipline to stick to the plan. I’ll leave you with the single sentence that resonated best with me from David’s chapter on Dynamos, Cruisers and Losers.

If discipline produces results, then how does one become disciplined?

The secret is PASSION.

Until next time,

Stay Strong.



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