Strength training is a mental game. Without the proper mindset you will, at some point, begin to falter and eventually fail. We all love the easy days. The days you come into the gym bursting with energy and every weight you touch feels like it moves with ease. There’s almost nothing as enjoyable as those days in the gym.

Here’s the catch: the days that feel great don’t build champions. Anyone can keep coming to the gym and pushing out their prescribed sets and reps on the days that it feels easy. The easy days are not the ones that define who you are as a person and your chance of long term success in training and life.

Champions are built on the days you walk into the gym and just want to leave. The days where every single set feels like someone turned up the gravity and you’re never going to get it up. The days that your mind is in a million different places and struggles to focus on the task at hand. The days where ever fibre of you being says quit. The days where the weak give up and go home.

Those are the days that build champions.

Having the resilience to keep pushing despite everything feeling heavy. Having the fortitude to finish that set even though you feel you might die in the process. Having the presence of mind to acknowledge the self defeating mindset and cast it aside in favour of determination and an undying desire to achieve. Having a goal that, despite all obstacles put in your path, you take daily steps towards.

These are the hallmarks of a champion.

Don’t give in to temptation when it all gets hard.

If it were easy everyone would do it.

Fuck average.

Be a champion.

Burley Strength

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