Powerlifting is a truly unique sport. A sport that’s accessible to everyone.
At Burley Strength, our novice competitions are the foundation of our powerlifting calendar. Since 2014, these comps have been a key component in the growth of the sport in the ACT.
Our events have opened the door for hundreds of lifters from a variety of backgrounds to step onto the platform for the first time. There are no minimum strength requirements, no membership fees, and no mandatory outfits. We believe in lowering the barriers for entry to the sport. This allows everyone to have the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of hitting a new personal best in competition.
Today we’re extremely excited to announce a change to our novice competition calendar for 2019 and beyond. We believe this is a first in Australian sport and we’re proud to be leading from the front.
Beginning in 2019 we will be offering a third gender category for all novice competitions.
We recognize that having only female and male categories for powerlifting competitions may be excluding athletes whose identities are not represented under this binary system, and who would prefer to compete in a gender non-specific category. Sport should aim to be as inclusive as possible to all athletes from any walk of life, and no athlete should be forced to withdraw from competition, or compete in a category that does not align with their gender identity.
The new category, Mx, will open the door for transgender, gender-expansive, and intersex athletes that don’t feel they have a place in sports due to a lack of understanding about non-binary identities.
There will be no pre-requisites, checks or requirements to compete in the Mx category. We hope the option to nominate for this category will allow more people to step up and push themselves in a competition environment.
The first novice competition for 2019 will be on February 17 and entries will be open soon.
A big thanks to JJ Wearing for bringing this idea to us and for his help in getting things off the ground.
The Burley family looks forward to seeing more lifters on the platform in 2019!

John Sheridan
John Sheridan

Burley Owner & Bearded Overlord

Burley Strength

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    • Wilson Zhao

      hi, i was wondering if i could compete at 16 years old for the comp on the 6th of June Mens MX division?

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